Wednesday, October 21, 2015


So I've been hearing about the game Undertale lately, and while it's a game I have doubts I'd be able to play much (even though it's a turn-based RPG, the player still needs reflex-based dodging skills to avoid the minigame-like attacks... and as I've said quite a few times, I really stink at that), I have to say that the story, characters, and aspects of the engine sound like fun.

Especially the brutally powerful boss who, despite having one hitpoint and only being able to do one damage per attack, is dangerous because he exploits the engine through medium awareness (i.e. breaking the fourth wall).

Noticeable in the following video if you know what to look for: This character* particularly knows when he's beaten you before and keeps track of how many times you've fought him across your saves.

Now, a game where your saves have obligate effects on each other (which is a thing this game has) can be a bit... trollish, but it's a neat thing to see, and in particular I think it's neat because it reminds me of a character from the poorly drawn webcomic Adventurers!, which is probably more responsible for my love of CRPG/JRPGs than any other single thing but the game Septerra Core.

(Said character was stated to be free of the in-universe normal flow of space and time, and claimed that he was going to start hunting the party back to their save points and killing them there. It kinda makes me happy that something a bit like that is something that's been done in an actual game now.)

*Who comes across as a sweet-natured goofball despite being one of the strongest characters in the game, and only fights the protagonist when the protagonist kills enough people to trigger the Genocide Ending.

-Signing off.

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