Friday, October 2, 2015


(I apologize in advance for the rather painful NES soundtrack.)

There's apparently an enemy from the Dragon Quest RPG series called the Dead Ringer, which is a bell that can summon more of itself and is fairly tough, and which is prone to rapid chain-summoning until there are eight of them (a full octave-cute), which causes them to play the Game Over music and cause, well, a game over.

I once described the enemy to my sister, and she made a face and complained about how it sounded unfair.

However bad you might think that is, it's actually fairly tame; older Dragon Quest games laugh at your concept of fairness.

From what I hear, this enemy can use the Sacrifice spell (which the party in the game finds utterly unblockable and invariably lethal when used against them, but when using it themselves discover it to be completely ineffective against any enemy of consequence) any time it feels like it, including on the first turn before the party can act. Granted, especially when you're only a couple steps away from the save point (as appears to be the case here) it's barely even a slap on the wrist, because you keep your experience and loot when this happens, but the enemy's clearly common enough, and nasty enough to kick you back to the save point a high proportion of the times it appears, to be a frustrating roadblock-there will apparently be times it catches you basically immediately before you reach a save point.

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