Thursday, October 8, 2015

Castlevania Has Great Music

Well, yesterday was a rough day for me, and it kind of made it so that I couldn't properly blog in a timely fashion. (Some jerk[s] slashed my tires the other day, and I spent a lot of yesterday getting them off so they could be replaced, and did a decent amount of work getting them back on. Plus some other junk having to do with the fact that my dad's truck I was borrowing got stuck in our driveway and is... still there, unable to be moved, because it's kind of a piece of junk and I didn't know that it wouldn't be able to shift out of park if it was on an incline.)

So here's not one, not two, but three pieces of Castlevania music, including my personal favorite piece thereof (Cemetery) and two covers by that guy who does awesome acapella covers.

I... don't like the Castlevania games, mainly because I'm bad at platforming and I will never forgive that one sequence in the first game that introduces the world to the Medusa Heads, but they've got some pretty great music overall.

-Signing off.

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