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Invid's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: Alien Species (#140)

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(Skipped unidentified H'relac species because of a spectacularly uninformative entry. And because I actually loaded one more article than I meant to, but that's neither here nor there.)

1391. Unidentified green species. Another member race of the Iskalonian school, these guys look like sad dog/fish people.

Rating: 1/5. While I'm not a fan of the character design, it's not as bad as that other species.

1392. Unidentified green-finned species. It's worth noting that these guys are also green-skinned and thus just as worthy of the appellation "unidentified green species." They also have sufficiently fishy features that one could easily believe that they're amphibious.

While there's nothing particularly noteworthy about this species beyond the fact that they're fish people who often (two out of the three known individuals) have amazingly nice hair, I do kind of like the way they're used in the story they're from, where one of them is a wealthy business owner, another is his discontent trophy wife, and the last is the eco-terrorist pretending to be the wife's skeevy personal trainer having an affair with her.

In other words, they're treated as astoundingly humanlike entities with extremely human concerns. Making characters in a story like that aliens for no reason beyond the fact that one can is nice.

Rating: 2/5.

1393. Unidentified Gryphon species. Apparently a Design-an-Alien contestant, this species has armor plated skin and a single central eye. They look kinda neat.

The sole known individual, Brock Lar, left his homeworld of Gryphon because of constant civil warfare that had killed his son. He would leave his world, eventually finding a sort of peace as an adopted citizen of another world, moving his remaining family there and getting work as the first mate of a freighter.

Unfortunately, the world that had adopted him was Alderaan, and his family was killed when the Death Star wiped the planet out.

So Brock Lar decided that he would wipe out the entirety of Moff Tarkin's bloodline, although he's not specifically known to have succeeded at killing any of the man' relatives.

Rating: 3/5. Y'know, that particular little story humanizes the destruction of Alderaan more than probably any single other thing I've read about it (and I've read a pretty fair amount of Star Wars fiction), and it essentially was a bit of fanfic written by a pair of 18-year-olds.

1394. Unidentified Hijarna species. They built a fortress, apparently as a last line of defense against an invasion of their world.

Then they died.


Rating: 1/5.

1395. Unidentified Hitaka species. They're blue-skinned and very human-looking.

Rating: 1/5.

1396. Unidentified hive-mind insectoid species. Apparently, "individuals" of this species are hive-minds made from a certain number of beings; losing members of the hive-mind is bad for the mind's memory.

I should think so.

Rating: 3/5.

1397. Unidentified Horn Station species. The known individual of the species basically looks like Killer Croc from the Batman comics/cartoons.

Rating: 1/5. It's not a bad look, but it's also not much of an alien.

1398. Unidentified humanoid species (Jedi twins). This species' known members were Jedi and also twins.

Their design was based on unused concept art for a Sith lord, story-wise possibly one in a role that would eventually be taken by Count Dooku.

If one looks at their design, this becomes very funny, at least to me.

Rating: 2/5. Eh, their hair-things are kinda silly.

1399. Unidentified humanoid species (pressure suits). They are believed to live in pressure suits. They are not, however, known to live in pressure suits, so the article name seems presumptuous. (The thing that probably caused people to presume they're wearing pressure suits could be scarves just as easily as air hoses.)

Looking at them, they look kind of like they're really just sharing fashion tastes (and glowing eyes, though they look like they may have four eyes) with Jawas, and that's the main thing you can actually say about them.

Rating: 2/5, because I like how they look even if they're borrowing someone else's look.

1400. Unidentified Hurikane species. So this species is composed of what we would identify as mineral material.

In his youth, Mace Windu was sent to try to obtain some kind of special crystals from them for the sake of building a special lightsaber with them. They were hostile and chased him around until one fell into a crevasse or some such thing.

Mace went back to heal him with the Force, and as a reward for his kindness, the being gave him some crystals... which had come from his own body.

...That's kind of like going, "Oh, you fixed my broken leg! Here, have my kidney!"

They look sorta interesting, anyway.

Rating: 2/5.

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