Friday, December 12, 2014

Context-Free Awesomeness

Prepare to have your mind blown. (Note: Clip is from God Mazinger, which had a lot of chicks running around in tiny bikinis for no good reason and also violence... though this clip has less of those things than the other few I've seen.)

In case you're not patient enough to watch the whole thing, the really awesome bit starts at around four minutes.

In all seriousness, though: This features a giant sword-wielding statue/robot (piloted by a kid) fighting a possessed, firebreathing plesiosaur (which may also be a robot-I'm not clear on this, not having watched this particular obscure and untranslated series beyond a couple of clips) which is wearing a collar with a flail attached to it so that it can use said flail.

That's the very best kind of ridiculous.

-Signing off.

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