Monday, January 19, 2009

The Scariest of All Computers...

...even scarier than Computo.


This is Compucore, the insanely powerful computer from the cartoon Robotix.

Now, as this picture demonstrates, Compucore has... mobility issues. But this doesn't even remotely cut down on "her" scary powers. (Compucore's voice is decidedly feminine.)

This relatively rarely used power is something that Compucore has in common with the Ark's computer, Teletraan I: Scout drones. Of course, instead of being satellite-like (which Sky Spy only sort of was itself), these things were faster than fighter planes and really maneuverable. (The sequence which featured them seeking out vegetation on the planet's surface was pretty well animated.)

This was the least of Compucore's scary abilities, however.

Take, for instance, its sole means of manipulating the environment around it:

That's right, a tentacle.

So whatever is this tentacle for?

Stealing (and granting) souls, of course! That's right, Compucore could download a person's essence from their body and then store it, delete it, or put it into something else.

That something else generally being a Robotix, of course.

Here's the other scary thing about Compucore, which really pushes this power over the top-Compucore has almost no initiative and a total lack of morality, loyalty, and helpfulness.

Case in point: When the Terrakors capture Argus, the leader of the Protectons, and also Compucore, they order Compucore to suck Argus's essence out, delete it, and then replace it with a Terrakor essence.

Does Compucore grant any mercy to its creator, perhaps react to special programming? No. Compucore deletes Argus without mercy.

Of course, in keeping with Compucore's unhelpfulness, it doesn't mention that it had a backup copy of Argus's essence, either...

-Signing off.

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