Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random Commercial Action!

No offense to the kid actor here...

...but didn't Hasbro have the creepiest kids in its commercials?

And again. Yeesh.

On a different note, this commercial makes very blatant the copyright infringement behind the confusing case of Autobot Jetfire (AKA Skyfire). (On a side note, I remember that toy. My brother gave it to me, and then took it back because it was one of his favorites [it really was one of the best-engineered toys of the era]. Then his dog ate the gun. Darnit.)

By contrast, Japan's commercials were pretty awesome.

That's right, these commercials are so nifty they're illegal here in the US. (It was apparently determined at some point that using stop motion in advertising for toys was implying that the toys were capable of things they couldn't actually do, and thus it is banned here. Darnit, regulatory agencies!)

-Signing off.

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