Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Are You Listening, Google? This Might Get Me To Download Chrome.

I was browsing today, and realized, as I slogged through dozens of Internet Explorer tabs, that there's a browser tool I could really get behind: The tab alphabetizer.

The way I browse, I often end up with so many tabs that I can't quite navigate them all, and have to resort to the "quick tabs" view, which has tons of potential but doesn't let me resort the tabs. I want some button that can immediately alphabetize all your tabs alphabetically by URL, so that when you've got thirty tabs (or however many the limit is-I actually reached my computer's limit on tabs in a window the other day), you can just hit it and get something organized instead of a hopeless mess.

Tabs, by the way, are one of those things that, once I learned they existed, I realized I could never go without them again. Not 'net browsing, anyway.

-Signing off.

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