Friday, January 23, 2009


You know, when the subset of Transformers we call "Generation 2" was in full swing, I was pretty well-poised to observe the toy aspect of it.

It surprises me whenever I'm reminded that I only saw about half the commercials.

Of course, the "rap" commercials may simply have not aired where I live. Ohio is historically a notoriously "white" region (much as I hate the phrase).

(By the way, if you can figure out what the rappers rhymed with "Bruticus" and it isn't just "Bruticus," could you indicate what it is? Something like "Rudicus," I suppose.)

This commercial could be considered the last of the G2 commercials, even though it's actually the first of the Beast Wars commercials.

Yes, I selected a slow-motion edit of the commercial deliberately. Why?

Because it's freaking hilarious, that's why. (Note that the bat is brown, but the bat Optimus Primal is blue and gray for no reason.)

Not to mock Beast Wars. It's my favorite single Transformers franchise. Even two seconds of it probably took more work to animate than that entire commercial.

Of course, Japan had to go and dub it funny.

Usually, the complaints go the other way around. It's nice to be reminded that companies in other countries can screw up translating series.

-Signing off.

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