Friday, January 2, 2009

The Many Forms of Bort

One of the more interesting characters from the "lost" cartoon Mighty Orbots is Bort.

This is primarily because he is one of the relatively few robots with extensive shapeshifting (as opposed to transforming) abilities. This in itself would not really make him unique, but as all of the individual Orbots grant their powers to their combined form, Bort happens to be one of the most versatile and useful members.

This, for reference, is Bort.

This, for additional reference, is also Bort. He's pretty good at that shapeshifting shtick.

This is also Bort, changed into a beam projector of some kind as part of a complicated scheme to restore Orbot team member Ohno to her robotic body after a villain transformed her into a human (they can't combine into Mighty Orbots without Ohno, see).

And here's Bort as a laser-tipped circular saw whilst fighting said enemy.

Here, however, is what is clearly the pinnacle of Bort's shapeshifting skills: The loveseat.

(Most of these screenshots are taken from the episode The Wish World; the last one is taken from the episode Prehistoric Planet, hence the significantly lower quality image.)

Sadly, he clearly doesn't appreciate his own skills here; he promptly dumps Bo and Boo on the floor when he realizes that a good TV show is coming on.

-Signing off.

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