Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And Now I'll Go On About Robotix Again...

I just can't help it. I don't get why nobody mentions this series. Well, aside from the fact that it was incredibly short-running, had a very unsuccessful toyline, had ugly characters... Never mind.

Let's take something I would have blogged about already in my previous post on the series (just use the little label thing to find it, doggone it) had I had a less tetchy computer or twenty hours to devote to the post.

Series main villain Nemesis, and his lieutenant Tyrannix (who is only occasionally treacherous despite his name), are having a little talk because Nemesis's power supply is good for the moment, but Tyrannix's batteries are pretty low. (They had neither Duracell nor Energizer. Shame, shame.) Tyrannix, in a previous episode, had tried to bury Nemesis, so Nemesis was lording it over Tyrannix over the reversal in their positions.

Uh-oh, who are these guys? They're not from the toyline!

MUAHAHAHAHA! Ahem. These are a group of pretty much nameless rock monsters who inhabit... whatever the name of the planet is. (The series is fast-paced. I mean, it's fast. It's about an hour and a half long, and it has almost as much story as the first season of Transformers.) Pretty much all of them live in a mountain which happens to be in the area where the Robotix must find the energy crystals which are used to power Robotix, which the Robotix are clean out of, hence their travelling there.

In many respects, they're pretty similar to the Granites from Inhumanoids. This isn't surprising; the cartoon was made by the same folks. They had the power to seemingly materialize from nowhere for ambush purposes; I suppose this was a poorly animated way of suggesting they were concealed as piles of rocks and coalescing. Or maybe they could phase intangibly through solid rock. I dunno.

They also proved strong enough to defeat energy-depleted Robotix, and posed a decent threat to full-powered ones at short range, although the Robotix were able to easily defeat them with their powered weaponry.

You might be asking just how the Robotix were able to recharge in order to fight these guys. Well, behold:

That's right, the rock creatures eat the same kind of crystals that Robotix use for energy as food. Oh, and that glowing thing you probably thought was an eye? It's a mouth.

I love these things. Their facelessness and mouths that look like eyes probably would have creeped the heck out of me when I was a kid, but they're awesome now.

-Signing off.

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