Friday, September 27, 2013

Giant Monsters And Lousy Cameras

The other day, I finally sorta watched the movie Cloverfield.

Unfortunately, the shaky-cam effect made it difficult for me to watch and nearly impossible for my sister to watch, and frankly I found the people story mostly kinda boring, meaning there was really only maybe twenty minutes of stuff I really liked in the movie, despite the premise sounding pretty neat.

Also, it has never not been stupid when ridiculously large monsters express interest in eating people when the monsters are actually animals. (If giant monsters are like Pacific Rim's kaiju or Attack on Titan's titans, it makes more sense, because those kaiju were weapons, not animals, and the titans are actually just zombies that range from car-sized to Godzilla-sized. Also, giant monsters that are sadistic sapient creatures eating people is something I'll give a pass, because they're not generally after nutrition either.)

Yes, I'm calling you out, The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms.

No, actually, I'm not.

(It's kind of amazing how well the Rhedosaurus interacts with its environment; this is a black and white film and the visual effects are still nearly on par with the creature effects from the original trilogy Star Wars movies. Although the black and white probably actually helps with the visual quality.)

-Signing off.

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