Monday, September 9, 2013

Stay Awesome, Harry Ord

I... think I've posted this video before, but it did a vanishing act and "doesn't exist" anymore and also it was a while ago, so here we are again.

Anyway, I've noted in the past that Harry Ord is basically the best Gundam character* and also that you shouldn't tick him off.

He's also pretty good at kicking giant robot butt when it comes down to it.

And you should perhaps be cautious about talking about non-robot butts to him.

Incidentally, this series apparently still doesn't have an English language release, which is disappointing because it's the Gundam series I'm definitely most interested in. (The three Gundam series I most want to watch are this one, Turn A Gundam, the early/mid '90s-era G Gundam, and Gundam AGE, the most recent one. Incidentally, these are the three Gundam series most disliked by hardcore Gundam fans. The one I'm fourth-most interested in is the original Mobile Suit Gundam, which I've watched a random few episodes of.)

*I am willing to admit that Master Asia, a character from G Gundam who destroys giant robots with martial arts skills, his hands, and a scarf, may in fact be better at least some of the time.

-Signing off.

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