Monday, September 2, 2013

It Was The Only Logical Conclusion, Yet...

A bit back, I found out about a lost proposal by big-name Power Rangers fan and occasional actual series writer Amit Bhaumik for what became Power Rangers Ninja Storm. (I thought it was amazing for various reasons. Unfortunately I can't find the post where I mentioned it at the moment.)

Today, I found out that he'd been involved in early Power Rangers Samurai production and has posted a synopsis of his concepts.

I mostly just very quickly skimmed it, and was particularly looking for something specific: His plans for the character Bulk and the character who would become Spike, quoted below.

Farkas ‘Bulk’ Bulkmeier – (36) Ally to Ozawa Clan, from Angel Grove. Earnest but foolish. Sushi chef. Unlike earlier seasons, Bulk is aware of the Power Rangers and is part of their operations, assisting as he can and performing many of the functions of the kuroko (assistants in all black) in Shinkenger. Bulk hopes that his son Eugene will learn how to be braver than him by hanging out with the Rangers of the Ozawa Clan.

Eugene ‘Junior’ Bulkmeier – (16) Son of Bulk, assistant to Bulk. Spitting image of Skull. Eager idiot. Sushi chef assistant. Aids the Rangers alongside Mr. Mason and Bulk. Gets along with Oscar and Iris easier than the others. Eventually becomes Gold Ranger.

I mentioned some while back that I was annoyed at the role of these characters in Power Rangers Samurai. They bore no apparent relation to the plot, at least in early episodes; they'd devolved much further into the realm of rather pointless comic relief than the originals (who weren't really all that far into it at all, actually). At the time, I didn't really talk about what I'd have done myself with the characters to improve their role in the show.

Fun fact? It would have been exactly the above-Bulk being involved as something like an assistant and Spike/Junior becoming the Gold Ranger.

I am seriously not making this up.

-Signing off.

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