Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sorry, But That Sword Is In No Way A Scimitar

For some reason, the last couple of days I found myself looking up all sorts of Voltron stuff on YouTube. (The entirety of the original lion Voltron series, i.e. the Golion dub, is officially posted on YouTube, along with a few episodes of the US/Korean-created second season, The New Adventures of Voltron, although it doesn't label New Adventures separately.)

So here, have the Korean-animated battle with the "Lotron" robot from the Fleet of Doom movie, where both lion Voltron and vehicle Voltron (my honest personal favorite even if I've never seen an episode of it) gang up on Lotor's robeast-composed giant robot.

(Note the wild animation error with the base thing they're talking about towards the middle, where the final image of it is overlapping on the screen over the approach to it. It's kind of amazing in its badness, and even more amazing because otherwise it's easily the best animation in the clip.

Also, note Optimus Prime's the narrator's the vehicle Voltron commander's grand entrance there. It's actually pretty great.)

I'd read once that this battle involved Lotor gaining the upper hand while they feigned weakness to exploit an opening, but I'm pretty sure that's not what happened. Lotor had what looked mildly like the upper hand for about ten seconds; then they totally trashed him with one attack. Robeasts did comparable damage to Voltrons all the time, and it was the first hit he'd really landed in the whole fight. I tend to think he'd have given a pretty nasty fight to just one Voltron, perhaps even won, but fighting two at once? It just wasn't going to happen.

Thus, his final line in the clip, "It's not fair! They ganged up on me!" makes perfect sense even if it's a silly thing for a villain who doesn't play fair to say. (To be honest, Lotor's a bit of a buttmonkey.)

Also, why don't more people appreciate the '90s-era computer-animated show? It wasn't perfect, but it had Tim Curry as Lotor, for crying out loud! Pretty sure that's the best voice acting the dude's ever going to get.

-Signing off.

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