Monday, September 30, 2013


Pretty sure I've posted at least one of this videos before (probably with some variant of this exact title), but it's been a while so I don't care.

If one is a fan of Japanese mecha, Dai-Guard is a series that one is obligated to watch because of moments like this:

If you don't understand why someone would shout "rocket punch" while throwing his own robot's severed arm as an impromptu attack, it's because Mazinger Z, one of the super robots that inspired everything that came after him, has rockets built into his detachable arms so that he can throw punches over any distance. Silly, but fun.

And in the most recent Mazinger Z series, someone got the same idea as the guy from Dai-Guard did.

That's coming full circle.

(Incidentally, the titanic gold/yellow robot is actually supposed to be Zeus from Greek mythology. Yes, really. ...I honestly can't imagine mythological Zeus having that reaction to a rocket punch. One of the Viking gods, on the other hand, would have that exact reaction. Those guys had parties where they had the indestructible guy sit against a wall and chucked things at him. That happens to be how and where Ragnarok got started, as it happens. Vikings were metal.)

-Signing off.

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