Monday, May 16, 2011

Game Reviews: Wizard Hult

Wizard Hult is a quirky little platformer game where you play as a wizard named Hult (duh).

The main feature worth mentioning is Hult's magic.

Here, we see Hult faced with either jumping over some skeletons or using his magic to eliminate them.

Avoiding them would be boring and tricky, so let's go with some magic.

Hult's magic is stone magic. What does this mean? It means you can draw rectangles with the mouse, and it will create rectangular "stones."

Which you can use to crush your hapless foes.

If this game was just dropping rocks on skeletons, it'd probably be pretty fun. Unfortunately, platform designers always have to make things hard, and so this is a very difficult platformer indeed. Why?

Because unlike most platformer games, you can make platforms to order nearly at will. (This is their primary purpose in the game, of course.) You can also attack enemies from any angle and distance. So there are only two killable classes of enemy, and anything else that can hurt you can't be killed, and in the case of ghosts, there aren't even any ways to stop them. (Fortunately, their behavior is erratic rather than aggressive, but unfortunately, they're still huge pains.)

Thus far, I've gotten a good chunk of the way through, but new levels are often torturous, as has been the case with Eversion, Shift, Enough Plumbers, Hello Worlds!, and That Gravity Game, it's a game I'm reasonably determined to finish, but don't particularly enjoy the prospect of grinding through. If you like hard platformers with a twist, though, this is a game for you (and so are those other ones).

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