Thursday, May 26, 2011

Great Moments in DVD Cases (#3)

(Hey, I think this is technically my 800th post. ...Whatever.)

This is a little different than what I usually go for with these.

Today's entry is the little doohickey (what is that thing that holds in the CD/DVD? I've never figured that out) from the excellent Escaflowne anime's English release box set.

When I first saw it, it was a confusing, nasty design, and it gave me a hard time. Then I figured out that all you had to do was push firmly in the center, and it was suddenly easier than the more common DVD... thing.

And you know what? It's much harder to accidentally remove the DVD, and it's also more secure than nearly any other DVD holding... thing that I've ever seen. Any you could actually get the DVD out of without bending it, anyway.

(Seriously, what are those things called?)

So why is this a "Great Moment in DVD Cases?" Because it stinks that it never caught on. This DVD case is something like ten years old, and it's better than any I've seen in my life.

-Signing off.


Anoush said...

It's called a pluck-hub. :)

Cord Wainer said...

Actually it is called a push-to-release hub. There are many variations, and this particular one is an M-Lock Hub.
A "pluck hub", as the name indicates, is one which allows the disc to be simply pulled straight off or plucked from the central retention device.