Friday, May 13, 2011

Gold Lightan Hands

(What the FLIP was that, Blogger? Yeah, yeah, maintenance, I know, but you [temporarily] nuked a bunch of posts [and I still had to partly fix mine, at least-did anyone else get those weird number boxes in their tags?] and made it inaccessible for long enough for me to miss a post? Worst maintenance cycle ever.)

I've talked about Gord Raitan Gold Lightan here before. For reference's sake, here's the intro of the series.

Finding toy commercials always seems to add new context about robots like this.

GIANT CREEPY SPECTRAL HAND ATTACK. (Actually, I suppose GIANT CREEPY SPECTRAL HAND-POWERED TRANSFORMATION would be a lot more accurate, but I'll go with that.)

-Signing off.

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