Friday, December 19, 2008

Super Robot Profiles: Gold Lightan

Golden Warrior Gold Lightan (pronounced Gord Raitan) was one of about fifty bazillion schlocky super robot series produced by '80s anime giant Tatsunoko (of Robotech/Macross fame).

Notice anything... significant about Lightan there? He hangs out with a kid who's what, ten? And he transforms (through incredible size altering power) into a cigarette lighter.

"Oh," you say, "lighters have other purposes. It's perfectly innocent."

What if I told you that the kid formed a club/team called the One Pack Rangers?

I rest my case.

Moving on. Lightan is pretty typical of the Tatsunoko robots in that he kicks and beats the living daylights out of things many times his size. (Unlike most of the robots I mention in these profiles, by the way, Lightan is self-aware and self-controlled.) Like a certain other robot I've mentioned, he does so with extreme brutality. His "signature" move is jabbing his hand into an enemy robot and tearing out the "heartbox energy device."

But that's not the only case of Lightan's brutality. Observe:

Ouch. And again, ouch. Granted, it's a fighting game, in which size is often a liability rather than an advantage, and it was two on one, but nonetheless... ouch.

One last note: Lightan had many sidekicks who resembled R2D2/Transformer hybrids... which were all named [adjective] Lightan.

-Signing off.

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