Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Survivor: Improbable

So after Sunday's Survivor finale, my sister and I speculated on just what the series would do if they ever run out of new exotic tropical locales in which to film seasons of the show.

Here's some of our ideas.

Survivor: Skyscraper.

Pitch: The Survivor contestants are locked in a twenty story office building with no outside contact except for janitors, caterers, and that annoying host guy. Instead of Exile Island, the person who gets "exiled" would be sent to the Exile Basement, a.k.a. the Dungeon.

Pros: It'd be easier to rush them to the hospital in case of emergency.

Cons: They would probably be able to stand sticking to their regular clothes, and they would also not get all skinny because of the air conditioning.

Survivor: Mars.

Pitch: The Survivor contestants are blasted to Mars.

Pros: A very exotic locale.

Cons: It'll be a long time before this locale is available.

Survivor: Disney World.

Pitch: Does it need explanation? Okay, very brief skit:

A little kid is holding hands with his/her parent, holding an ice cream cone, cotton candy, or some other treat.

The bushes rustle.

A grizzled, sweaty, lightly clothed individual peeks out from the bushes, and gazes hungrily at the child's treat.

Pros: Funnest Survivor ever. Also, there'd be no licensing issues.

Cons: Little kids would cry.

I seriously want to see all of these.

-Signing off.

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