Monday, December 29, 2008

Some Brief Comments On Gobots...

...because I don't feel like real blogging right now. Brain burned out.

I recently found a website with pretty decent information about that most maligned of transforming robot series/toylines, Gobots. (My lone previous mention of Gobots can be found here. Also, note that the website's creator is a borderline rabid anti-Transformers and pro-Gobots partisan, a true rarity on the Internet. Another note on the website: He's Batrain.)

With names like Dumper, Pumper, and Dive-Dive, is it a wonder that Gobots got its clocks cleaned?

One thing Gobots did right by comparison to Transformers, though: Female Gobots were actually Gobots. The earliest female Transformers were pretty much sex objects (particularly poor Firestar, who ought to file for a restraining order against the TFWiki guys).

I mean, the cartoon itself was bad, but the treatment in this particular area was superior to its counterpart.

-Signing off.

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