Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stan Lee... ATTACKS

Once again, the Ultimo manga presents incredible imagery of its fictionalized version of Stan Lee, Lord Dunstan.

My sister and I have increasingly come to believe that good ol' Stan has made an enormous impression on the artist, Hiroyuki Takei. Just what kind of impression, though, we can't be sure.

Although the images from the chapter previous to this one, where Dunstan is laying on the floor of a man's room, making increasingly terrifying leering faces at him, and talking about the present he's given him repeatedly, suggest that he's at least a bit intimidated. (There was also the interview with Lee and Takei where Lee bullied Takei into stating that he was the best manga artist, which is something that most Japanese people find offensive.)

And in this chapter, Dunstan shouts "Dunstrike!" while punching somebody out. (Sadly, the page wouldn't have scanned well because it was a double spread.)


My sister has commented that Dunstan is the main reason she reads this manga, and I'm inclined to agree that he's the most entertaining part of it.

-Signing off.

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