Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Space Crazy Comics: Cerebex (Part the Second)

Last week, I began exploring some crazy old story where a German dictator that everybody thought was dead turned out not to be, then was killed anyway, but had his brain imprinted on a giant supercomputer/robot by a mad scientist, who was promptly killed by the computer/robot. (Just read the post on the other end of the link, 'kay?)

We pick up where we left off: The evil Hitler Schmackenburg brain is causing trouble.

A thousand times more powerful? Perhaps. That depends on how you define the power of his brain, I suppose.

Anyway, then "the brain runs wild!" Which is one of my favorite sentences ever now.

Incidentally, while I don't especially care for the artist's human forms and I think the robot designs could be better, he clearly can draw the heck out of perspective and is quite masterful at the craft of paneling. (Also, in retrospect I should have cut that black bar out. Ah, well.)

Things quickly reach the Godzilla threshold, and they're all out of atomic dinosaurs.

As the brain rampages, the lady and the guy watch with binoculars. No, I dunno.

Wait, what? Mary Schmackenburg? Seriously?

Never mind, who cares about the story. Let's see what the brain does next!

Robot minions such as the one that was invading that earlier panel! Awesome. (Incidentally, there was another instance of interesting layout breaking here-the last robot in sequence was entirely in the next panel. Also, that chick's eyes are terrifying.)

The inventor assistant guy decides he needs to build a robot to counter the robot/computer. So, after trying to requisition materials from the prime minister (wait, this is set in England?!) and discovering that the Hitler brain has already assassinated him (assassination by giant flying robots!), he gets materials from the brain's new slaves instead.

The test run went well; will the robot be successful against the gigantic Hitler brain?

Oh snap.

However, it's not size that determines the victor of this battle, nor is it brawn. It's brains a powerful new weapon.

Oh, dear, not magnetism. (Never mind that that kind of magnetic weapon should have done bad things to the brain...)

So what now?

Wooden robot.


Wooden robot wins!

I love stupid old comics.

This would seriously make the best movie ever. Sadly, "Cerebex" is now a trademark owned by a pharmaceutical company, so I don't see it happening (under that name). But it would be awesome.

-Signing off.

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commandrine said...

I've been trying to find this comic off and on for most of my adult life. Thanks for posting it.