Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Space Crazy Comics: Interplanetary Love

Yes, you read that right.

This story (from Mystery of Unexplained Worlds #3) is part of a "genre" of story that the guys who wrote these stories severely overused.

Some "ham" (i.e. ham radio operator) somehow contacts a woman on Saturn.

They hit it off immediately (it wouldn't be much of a story if they didn't).

In short order, she asks him to come to Saturn, but...

...she'll have to drive instead.

He's so excited, he tells the press about his date, and goes to meet her, but...

...turns out they grow 'em big on Saturn. (Not like Jupiter, where they grow 'em tiny.)

Sadly for Johnny boy, she's not taking no for an answer, and apparently he lives out the rest of his days as a shrimp on Saturn.

Incidentally, there was a semi-hard SF story (maybe by Arthur C. Clarke?) with a very similar plot twist... though without the wacky random stupidity (and of course without the scientific nonsense). I can't tell you what it was called, though...

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