Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Irreverent Batman: TAS Observation #1

I was recently rewatching a few episodes of Batman: The Animated Series. (Do I need a reason to?)

When watching "See No Evil," I found myself making an obvious (but nonetheless amusing) observation on the Ventrix family.

Here's Kimmy, the daughter of the creepy invisible crook of the week:

My sister remarked that Kimmy is the most adorable little girl to appear in a cartoon ever.

Then we have Helen, Kimmy's mother.

And finally, Lloyd, aforementioned villain and father of Kimmy.

Yikes. Kimmy's lucky she took after her mother.

It had to be said.

(Pictures pretty much shamelessly yanked off of the DCAU Wiki.)

-Signing off.

1 comment:

liminalD said...

I think Kimmy's mother Helen must be a loose woman... Kimmy looks nothing like that creepy guy