Friday, May 14, 2010

Commentary on a Good Book and a Link

(Ah, finally! A new post at the Writing Blog! It's short, but it's enough.)

I recently read The Domino Pattern, the latest novel in the Quadrail series, which I mentioned in this post back during the Alien Invasion theme week I did last July.

I'd do a more typical review of the subject, but reviewing something written by Timothy Zahn is hard. (I do so here, but, well, that's different.) This is mostly because it's hard to explain very much about his work (or any mystery-oriented work) without completely ruining it for any future would-be readers.

I will say I had a blast reading it-I finished it pretty quickly (I could easily have had it sent back to the library first thing the next morning, and I got it somewhat late in the afternoon). I will also add that the time estimates I gave in my previous commentary were greatly exaggerated, as the time they spend on a space train at one point is about a month and a half-but the time is still disproportionate, especially when one considers that they're talking about traveling to the opposite side of the galaxy.

Anyway, good stuff (as if I would say anything else about Zahn's work), and I recommend it.

-Signing off.

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