Wednesday, May 26, 2010

(Very Short) Game Review: Planet Noevo

I was hoping to have a more thorough review of this, but it proved to be a pain to try to play for long periods. Why?

It's all about trying to survive on an uncharted alien planet, where you try to scrounge resources during the day and hide in a base armed with autoguns at night.

It's a very clever game, and there are rather a lot of fun bits, but the story mode is a pain because of the virtually indestructible boss, and the only other mode features eternally stronger monsters, who can tear your base down even fully upgraded two or three times a night after a while.

It's one of those games that would be a lot more fun with a sandbox mode. It has all these cool features, like a factory that you use to make your survival tools from the resources you gather. Sadly, since you can't even sleep safely, it's hard to have fun in it. If you're a master of shooting games and a master at resource management, you might really enjoy this game; otherwise, it'll probably frustrate you terribly.

-Signing off.

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