Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Space Crazy Comics: The Greater Jovians

From Outer Space #20 comes "The Greater Jovians."

The story opens on Jupiter, where there's a severe food shortage. Both the Lesser Jovians, small, dome-headed guys, and the Greater Jovians, giant bearded guys, are suffering severely.

The Greater Jovian ruler asks if the Lesser has a plan. His people, after all, are more inventive than the Greater Jovians. (If that's so, why is the story named after the Greater Jovians? Weird.)

The Lesser Jovian leader admits that he does indeed have a plan: His people invented a rocket engine of some kind. How convenient.

Why were they investing all these resources in this instead of food production? Who knows?

The Greater Jovian promises all the help and resources he can provide...

...though in the most terrifying way possible.

The rocket is to be crewed by the giant king and five other giants for some reason. Their destination? Earth.

Oh, snap.

And they don't plan on taking no for an answer.

Fortunately, there's a twist that we've seen before.

And so, after the fashion of ants, the nearly microscopic Greater Jovians drag away some bread crumbs.

Holy cheese, either there aren't that many Jovians, or they don't need much food.

-Signing off.

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