Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Space Crazy Comics: Who Cares About This Story?

Not me.

This issue of Space Action (#1) had a story I rather enjoyed (Prisoners On Solar) and a story that was hilariously easy to make fun of (Double Menace on Jupiter's Moon). But there was also a story, "Invaders from a Lost Galaxy," which was such depressingly mundane lowbrow space opera that I can't bear to try to summarize it.

When I say "mundane," not a single planet exploded, or was even in danger of it. There also weren't any sword fights. LAME.

The one redeeming feature of the story is that it had some pretty nifty designs in it.

Check out this gun turret, for instance:

Or these typical but pretty rockets:

Or my favorite, this vaguely Enterprise-like flagship used by the villain.

Sadly, all these images are from just one page.

-Signing off.

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