Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Space Crazy Comics: Picking Up From Last Time...

...which was yesterday.

In case you don't remember where we left off for some reason, here's the crux of it:

Here's where the story really picks up. It took the better part of five pages to get to this point, but the rest takes place in just three.

Well, except for this heroic sacrifice thing.

Dunno why it would make the giant, spaceship-grabbing plant stop if there was a little dude out there, but okay...

Note the following: At the beginning of the story, there was a crew of just six on this ship. Now there are two.

Now, check out how big their ship is. Those little specks are people in a crowd.

Holy moly.

All too soon, the horrible peril is upon the Earth: Space spores land on Earth and recreate the asteroid's ecosystem there.

Note that this story came out about fifteen or sixteen years before Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series and its somewhat similar Thread (according to Wikipedia, anyway).

Things look bad, so they call in their cool space tanks and the army.

It doesn't work, so they go all Agent Orange on them, and completely defoliate the entire planet in order to stop the invasion.

Note the admission that they're completely destroying Earth's ecosystem-"Make sure every foot of that soil is tainted with the substance!"

Fortunately (and impossibly), the ecosystem begins its recovery within days.

I should mention that, in this last sequence, I put up every panel of the story between the last panel from the previous post and this last panel here. It just wouldn't have been adequate otherwise.

Anyhow, skipping ahead a bit, some days later the second wave of space spores are incoming, and they send a fleet to deal with them. It's not as easy as it should be, mostly because they didn't open fire when they saw the darned things like they should have (and like any sane being would have). And as a direct result of this, the spores start melting the ships.

Man, this story has everything.

The fleet responds with their weapons after letting the spores eat at the ships' hulls for a bit. Taxpayer dollars at work, folks!

Yeah, guy, don't forget that there's a frikkin' "planet" full of these things out there.

So they go and shoot at the planet. Sadly, it's covered in a "gelatin-like" substance that stops their assault cold (despite pulling in that first ship neatly).

And the "jets" don't fare any better.

Fortunately, the captain gets an idea.

Take a shot. (Wait, I didn't say anything about a drinking game, did I?)

And so...

"Puffff?" Whaaaat?

Anyhow, so the evil plant planet falls into the Sun. And it burns. (Well, technically, it melts, then vaporizes. In the absence of significant amounts of free oxygen, it wouldn't burn at all. But you probably knew that.)

I'll omit the last panel, because it's just of some poorly drawn shirtless happy guys, and I've had to look at it too often already, okay?

(Because, of course, everybody in a spaceship too close to the Sun takes off their shirts. It's the law.)

Anyway, this story is a lot of fun, because it's just about as crazy as they get. Wait, no, I lied-the story with the flaming space zombies in the next issue is quite a bit crazier. But that's for another day.

-Signing off.

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