Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Space Crazy Comics: Beware the Human Meteorites

Think that title sounds like nonsense? It's got nothin' on the story (from Space Action #3) itself.

Short on time and running late, so it'll be a bit shorter than usual...

Rather than start at the beginning, I'll start by revealing the so-called "human meteorites." They're... Well, in one sense they're exactly what they say they are.

But you and I know they're really just flaming space zombies.

They're secretly being controlled by a fiendish bearded man.

And in the process of defeating them, a man in a double-layered protective spacesuit carrying a zebulon-ray gun hits one of them with a convenient wooden plank. Don't believe it?

Believe it.

Then, we get the most absurd explanation ever for the space zombies-they're planetesimals that... um... wait, what?

At least it's imaginative.

Then, the guy in the suit shoots them with his magic ray gun, and they turn into a planet.

Just as well I don't have time, because doing a more in-depth exploration of this one would probably blow my mind even more.

-Signing off.

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