Monday, April 4, 2016

This May Remind You That Making Shipping Choices Is Premature For This Trilogy*

Second favorite thing about the "How It Should Have Ended" series is still the "I've got a son!" gag**. (Although the alternate take on the death scene in this skit is close competition.)

I might have posted this closer to when I first saw it, but 1) I sorta forgot, and 2) I'm a little irked, actually, that the Starkiller base was depicted as just a bigger Death Star.

Yes, it's a bigger Death Star (which can fire beams at plus-c velocities), but it's a bigger Death Star that's wrapped in a planet, not just a generic gray sphere.

*Because who knows who might be related to who. This is Star Wars, it's basically a soap opera/space opera hybrid.

**The favorite overall being the whole Pacific Rim skit.

-Signing off.

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