Friday, April 8, 2016


On the one hand, I'm still occasionally a bit salty about the death of the old Star Wars EU. On the other hand...

...the fact that "Rogue One" is apparently now a teenaged girl who spied for the Rebellion around the time of the Death Star?

Yeah, okay, that's good.

*This is a reference to 1) the fact that there are (sexist) people complaining about this (of course), and 2) there's a rather infamous screenshot of Bandora/Rita Repulsa saying "Cry harder, baby!" to, well, a baby.

Other Bandora quotes from the Zyuranger super sentai subtitles include:

"Dora Argus, go to Earth right away and harm the children!"

"Humans live too long already without the elixir!"

"The magic spinning wheel! Send that baby to hell now!"

...Bandora really hates babies (and all children, really).

-Signing off.

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