Friday, April 29, 2016

Fund It! Ultraman!*

Okay, this appears to not be a trailer for an actual movie or anything (at least not an official one), but it's pretty sweet. (If you aren't yet aware that I would watch the living hell out of an Ultraman movie, you haven't been here very long.)

I have to say, Zaragas wouldn't have been my first choice for an Ultra kaiju from the original series (though when you get down to it, generic-yet-iconic wasn't something the original Ultraman had much of**), but that's a pretty sweet redesign for a monster that's 1) a bit derpy, and 2) has somehow never really had an official redesign that I can tell? At least it's not frigging Gomora***.

*"Fund it" is now my sister's go-to phrase for "I need this in my life," and I kinda like it for the purpose myself.

**Corn Godzilla Red King would have been a generic-yet-iconic choice, except that once you get past the fact that he's basically a copyright law friendly corn Godzilla, he's actually got an awful lot of personality and stands out from the crowd by virtue of being a tremendous frigging jerk. Like, even by kaiju standards. He's basically a literal schoolyard bully right down to the mannerisms.

***I hate to call any episodes of the original Ultraman "bad," but there were a couple that get no other reaction from me, and the sole two-parter, The Monster Prince, may be the single part of the series that makes me actively angry. Most of the time when the show gets stupid, it's good for a laugh, and then there's Monster Prince stupid. "Oh no Ultraman dropped his transformation device while he was Ultraman WAITAMINNIT HOW IS THAT A THING THAT CAN HAPPEN I CALL BULLSHIT!" And being in this spectacularly stupid episode won Gomora a special place in kaiju history as "the first kaiju that defeated Ultraman." Uh, I watched that episode too, he just kind of... fought until Ultraman had to leave because he was out of time? That's not the same. Let's not even get into the silliness that was the fact that somebody in this episode thought it was a good idea to airlift a giant monster into the middle of urban Japan. I'm giving the kid appeal stuff a pass even though it was the worst kid appeal plot in the series (and there was some competition by virtue of sheer volume, I can tell you).

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