Friday, March 4, 2016

I Don't Even Care About The Character Whose Theme It Is*

So I come across this remix of the Imperial March and think "that's pretty cool."

Then I see that the same guy did a remix of Duel of the Fates and went "that's awesome."

Because much as I love Imperial March and think it's a pretty iconic piece, Duel of the Fates is my favorite Star Wars composition by far, and never mind that it's from what many argue is the worst Star Wars film.

(Out there somewhere, there's somebody who gauges/used to gauge the Star Wars movies by the number of hands cut off in the particular movie in question, and points to Episode I's lack of any such as a sign of poor quality. My sister suggests an alternate scale: Rating the Star Wars films by music. Since Episode I is the only film with Duel of the Fates, it is by this scale clearly the best.)

*Darth Maul, if context doesn't make that as clear as I think it does.

-Signing off.

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