Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I'm the (Sexy) Bad Guy

I know very little about this show*, so I'm not entirely sure how to approach talking about this clip.

Beyond something like "dang she's cute."

*The title is Wander over Yonder, and if the video is removed at some point, the song is titled "I'm the Bad Guy." Mainly what I do know is that many people were shipping two dudes in this show, and that this character showed up and turned into something of a slap to the face to that idea**, almost as if the show's producers were saying NO NO NO, NO GAY SHIPS. ...Awkward.

**Knowing nothing about the show beyond what I've seen other people say, this is where I heard about this specific thing. That blog is also where I first saw a slightly shorter version of the clip, so...

-Signing off.

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