Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I Am Always On The Lookout For Good Free Stuff

So I found myself hunting around for programs to simplify playing tabletop games without needing as much physical space (because of reasons), and found a site called RPTools.

There are other applications and things for the purpose, but this site's MapTool is one that 1) is actually functional, and 2) doesn't cost anything or need registration for the basic level of use.

Such as this random stupid "battle" I staged in a couple of minutes using the included database.

(For the sake of making things look a little better, I made everything at least a bit bigger than the default size. You may want to view at full size to get a sense of how things look.)

The site's also got a DiceTool and a few other tools which are largely intended to be compatible with each other.

So if you're interested in tabletop gaming, you might find this tool useful. You might also just like playing with the virtual miniatures.

-Signing off.

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