Wednesday, November 4, 2015

That Dude's Pretty Chill

My sister recently found a complete DVD collection of Getter Robo Armageddon, which I'd watched most of on YouTube once (all but the first episode and possibly part of the second-I thought I'd seen all of the second, but watching it last night, the first chunk of the second seemed oddly unfamiliar), which we'd been hunting for a long time, so in celebration, here's some screenshots of an amazing scene from the much goofier original Getter Robo anime.

So Musashi, the comic relief character (who tends to be depicted as kind of hopeless)*, is actually so strong he appears to have thrown a full-grown man at least fifty feet upwards (based on the fact that he landed on a rather tall diving board; it surely isn't fifty feet tall, but it looks like twenty to thirty feet, and he would have been falling at a normal rate once he wasn't going upwards anymore, so, yeah) and over a hundred feet horizontally (which is probably a conservative estimate).

And Hayato was pretty relaxed about the whole thing, and didn't even seem to be putting much effort into landing properly. (Considering how violent his manga counterpart and most other incarnations of him are, his amazing chill is really even more remarkable.)

...I love almost every version of Getter Robo unironically.

*Musashi is arguably one of the most influential anime characters in the entire super robot genre, mainly because he was a goofy character who suddenly dove straight into drama and sacrificed himself to kill the dinosaurs** and save the world. I'm pretty sure that Musashi was a major influence specifically on Kamina from Gurren Lagann, which is funny/a bit weird for several reasons.

**Because dinosaurs were still around and also at least a little evil in Getter Robo. And Musashi killed them.

-Signing off.

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