Monday, November 23, 2015

Not Just Another Old Tank Game

So I was recently reminded of a game I'd played the demo for back in the day, Battlezone 2 (I was reminded because I was browsing, though the site doesn't have the game-I was reminded because more games from the same ancient demo disk had shown up on the site than previously), and decided to look it up.

After a bit of hunting around (and confusion relating to the fact that the game it was a sequel to gave it some backstory that didn't match well with the impressions the demo gave me), I discovered something: For a game of its simplistic sort, it had a pretty amazing story.

Which is to say that the generic faceless aliens you find yourself fighting aren't bugs or drones the way you might expect, but [SPOILERS for a game that's old enough that there are kids in high school who weren't born when it was released] some manner of mutated humans who just want to be left alone, and your evil boss created them and wants to recapture some.

Which, I have to say, is a pretty amazing deconstruction of the "faceless horde of enemies" tropes.

-Signing off.

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