Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"Oh, Thanks Buddy"

I was randomly watching a longplay of an arcade beat-'em-up game called King of Dragons. (Spoiler: There's a big dragon at the end.)

Now, I've watched quite a few videos of the sort, and a lot of them were much more visually interesting than this one (see Armored Warriors) and had gameplay that looked more fun. (I should note I've played very few games of the sort; the only such games I own are a few Sega Genesis titles, on a tiny little micro game package that my sister and I bought relatively recently.) There were a couple of things in it that got my attention, such as this whimsical tree.

What really gets me about the tree is that he's essentially thanking you for getting the spiders out of his hair.

Then there's the game's wizard.

Dude does not look like he's a 5'6", 123-pound twenty-eight-year-old.

The thing really worth remembering about the game, though, is that it has a pretty great soundtrack.

That is a fine final boss theme.

-Signing off.

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