Friday, November 20, 2015


There's two aspects to today's post; both of them have to do with the game Undertale, a game I've mentioned finding very interesting despite not having played it and not being enormously interested in actually playing it (as I've noted on many occasions, I don't really have the reflexes or hand/eye coordination).

The first is a mashup/mix/whatever of the game's No Mercy route* final boss theme, Megalovania, and a song I've never heard otherwise by the group Justice (who does pounding, intense sorts of music).

Needless to say, it's pretty neat.

The second is a stupid little anecdote from my life.

My sister and I were recently rewatching an anime (specifically Gun X Sword) and hit possibly the best episode of the series, the third to last (I'm not up for explaining why it's so good because if you ever want to watch the series, any explanation of more than the very barest details would be huge, huge, huge spoilers-note that it's something of an "emotionally painful good" sort of good, a thing I've had an appreciation for since reading the Wraith Squadron books back in the day, and my sister cries every time she watches it). Long story short, Character A, in what's stated to be one of the strongest giant robots in the series, attacks Character B while he's at his very weakest... and Character B owns the hell out of Character A.

In a way that had my sister briefly convinced that I'd been waiting for the opportunity, I promptly bellowed "GEEEETTT DUNKED ON!**" in one of my better deep, imposing voices. (I don't mean to brag, but I can go from falsetto to Darth Vader pretty easily... though I can only do Darth Vader quotes in the proper Vader voice.)

I swear it was completely spontaneous.

*PSA: The game's creator has requested that the term "genocide route" not be used (a fact I was not aware of when I first posted about Undertale) because of people making jokes about the Holocaust. ...Making jokes about the Holocaust isn't really a thing people should need to be told not to do, guys.

Besides, "No Mercy" has an interesting double meaning in the Undertale context: Not only must you actually kill every monster you fight in order to reach the route (and hunt down every possible random encounter in every area-the random encounters will eventually run out, and that's when you know you've killed enough of them), but when you fight Sans, the route's final boss, he'll kill you if you try to use the "Spare" command and his attacks don't give you the traditional few moments of invulnerability... i.e. what is commonly known as mercy invincibility.

**When trying to make peace with "No Mercy Sans" (see above for the end result of that action), the game over screen rather hilariously displays the phrase "get dunked on" (you can see a reference to this in the above video). Who knows why, other than the fact that Sans has a sense of humor.

-Signing off.

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