Monday, November 30, 2015

Sometimes You Just Have The Sudden Urge To Post Game Music

That's been pretty frequent for me lately.

Funny thing about the game this music is from: My mother loved it.

She's never really been big on computer/video games apart from solitaire and other simulations of real-world games (to the point of occasionally being something of an anti-game person), but she started playing Cosmo Bots/Cosmic Bugs at some point.

She like the demo, bought the full game, and played every level. (The game had a hundred levels, too, so that's not like it's a small time investment.)

It makes me feel kinda bad that my kid brother and I unintentionally deprived her of her primary chance to play the "sequel," Water Bugs, on the weird "arcade machine" service that was on one of our later computers. (There was a time/coin limit thing, and she didn't want to drop more money on it than she had already.)

-Signing off.

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