Monday, August 3, 2015

The Lack of Movement Is Because Statues, Apparently

I've talked about God Mars, motionless super robot, in the past.

Unfortunately, my best post on him was one with a video embed that no longer exists.

Regardless of that, God Mars is actually now on Hulu, and I'm kind of intending to watch at least a bit of it.

In fact, I've already watched a bit of the first episode. Most notable thing:

These statues start appearing on Earth, in the dramatic near future of 1982! (The majority of the series actually takes place in that far-flung year of 1999. Ha ha this is actually making me feel old.) They of course are actually hangars containing robots... which makes one wonder why nobody investigated them.

And the fact that this one is invading that moai's personal space cracks me right up.

I mean, really, how is that statue managing to look so indignant?

-Signing off.

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