Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Song, However, Has No Faults

Lately, what with watching things on Hulu, I've been seeing more TV-style ads than I had for a long time. (It's less of a problem than actual TV ads, partly because I've got better volume control and I can switch to another tab. While I was watching Heroic Age recently, I even hunted down the theme song on YouTube and listened to it while the ads were playing, sometimes twice in one break. It was louder than the ads, so the ads being on wasn't a problem.)

And I was reminded that they can be both nonsensical and at least a teense unintentionally disturbing*.

I don't regret leaving that world behind one bit.

Also, I think it says a lot about that song that the overwhelming majority of the suggestion results are simply variations of it.

*Case in point:

Thinking about the logistics of an anthropomorphized gas pump is just about as horrifying as thinking about the logistics of anthropomorphic fruit being on sale in a grocery store.

What if he sneezes?!

-Signing off.

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