Friday, August 14, 2015

I Hate Post Titles

I've talked about Total Annihilation more than is probably reasonable for someone as bad at it as I am.

I don't believe I've talked more than in passing about the music.

Much as I love Total Annihilation, I have to admit it just wouldn't be the same without the music (check out the track titles, some of which are legitimately amazing):

Honestly, when I re-purchased the game recently on, the part of the package I found most pleasing was that it came with DRM-free MP3s of the soundtrack.

I believe I've mentioned that the game's spiritual successor, created by the same project lead at his own startup company, was not well-received by the original game's community, but it did have one thing going for it: The same composer.

If the style sounds familiar to you and you've no familiarity with Total Annihilation or Supreme Commander, the likeliest reason for that is that the composer also did tracks for at least one of the Skyrim games.

-Signing off.

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