Monday, August 17, 2015


So I've been watching the anime Buso Renkin on Hulu, because I'd learned a bit about it years ago and was interested, but never got around to it (the clip in this post is from the series, and actually features the character I'm about to talk about).

There's quite a few characters I quite like from the series, but the best is almost certainly Captain Bravo*. Observe (Captain Bravo is the one in the jacket that covers his face):
(Kazuki [the dude in the foreground]: Say, can you swim, Tokiko?)
(Tokiko [the gal in the foreground]: Are you making fun of me? What're you talking about?)
(Kazuki: Oh, I'm talking about all of us...)
(Kazuki: ...going to the beach during summer vacation.)
(Tokiko: Is this discussion necessary right now?)
(Captain Bravo: Warrior Kazuki!)
(*beat as Kazuki and Tokiko turn to Captain Bravo*)
(Captain Bravo: I'll drive the car!)
(Captain Bravo: *highly visible eye gleam*)
(Kazuki: Roger!)
(Tokiko: Warrior Chief!)

He unfortunately is away on business when they go to the beach, but...
(Mahiro [redheaded girl in foreground]: Hey, look over there!)
(Mahiro [offscreen]: It's a surfer. A surfer!)
(Kazuki/Tokiko**: Hey, that's...)
(*closeup of Captain Bravo in beach-appropriate attire*)
(Kazuki/Tokiko: Captain Bravo!)
(Capain Bravo: *busts a surfing move*)
(Captain Bravo: Yes, I AM!)
(Captain Bravo: *gleaming pearly whites*)

...he did manage to catch up.

*If you want a reason that has nothing to do with silliness, he's actually also hilariously badass, able to defeat enemies that are supposedly impossible to defeat without the series' alchemical weapons with his bare hands.

**As of when I'm typing this, it's been a few hours since I saw the episode, so I don't recall which character said the line precisely; it's kinda one of those scenes where it doesn't matter, though.

-Signing off.

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