Friday, July 31, 2015


So I was recently watching some random junk on YouTube, as one does, and came across this animated not-quite-short*:

And I'll be frank, while I wasn't hugely emotionally invested in it (I eventually warmed up to the main character, but mostly because he was pretty upset about being a walking disaster area), I was pretty ticked off by the ending, which you can see for yourself around 20:45-around then is when the protagonist is seemingly mortally wounded.

Then he wakes up (WUT) and isn't even the character we've been watching (WUUT?), because he's a human kid, not a robot (WHUUUUUT?)

I hate twist endings.

Well, no, I don't hate twist endings. I hate "twist endings," where we're thrown a cliched end result that doesn't really match the buildup to it. It's so disconnected and has nothing to do with the rest of it, even if it makes sense in context.

*I was probably led to it by the fact that I was re-watching Fireball, the best thing about two people repeatedly having conversations ever. Or at least, the best thing about two people repeatedly having conversations I've ever seen. This is considering it's dense with puns that someone who isn't very well-versed in Japanese wouldn't get without having them pointed out.

If you're not familiar with Fireball, unwilling to travel to TVTropesland, and are wondering why Fireball might have a connection to the embedded short: The two main characters of Fireball are a pair of rather loopy robots.

Who apparently are the inheritors of a world conqueror and may or may not technically be ruling humanity with an iron fist and a giant iron pincher.

-Signing off.

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