Friday, July 3, 2015

DigiQuartz Logic

At some point, I'm probably going to go back and talk a bit more about the important bits of Xros Wars (i.e. the parts that I like), but I've not got the energy or proper time to do the large-scale post in question. Instead, here's a bit from the "Young Hunters in Time" or whatever part, where the characters are in the human world and take short trips into a weird shadow world to hunt Digimon who are using the shadow world to steal emotional energy from humans, with the intent that this theft will power them up the same way protagonist Digimon are powered up*.

Incidentally, the Digimon who is "a gorgeous man" is named SuperStarmon, and he's after celebrities because of their "star power." Like, that isn't even a joke, he's literally powering himself up by kidnapping celebrities**.

*The part of this that bothers me the most is that the "DigiQuartz" part of Xros Wars actually takes two of the best "formula show" setups I've seen ("mysterious monsters attack from a shadow world" and "emotions, feelings, and desires have real power [beyond what they can cause people to do]") and mashes them together. Unfortunately, its primary protagonist is the most boring protagonist in the history of the franchise, bar none. Basically, it's got the problems of Adventure 02 without that particular sequel series' charm***.

**Celebrities that seemingly included Marilyn Monroe, the Beatles in their heyday, Shaquille O'Neal, and Barack Obama. That begs some serious questions, particularly what some of these people were doing in what appeared to be a pretty new hotel.

***Adventure 02's problems included Davis/Daisuke (who is boring and a clear inspiration for Tagiru, the even more boring character from Young Hunters), the fact that it shoved several previously prominent characters into the background and forgot their characterization (the big one was T.K./Takeru, though one could argue that the entire 01 cast got the same treatment-and this hit Xros Wars way harder), and [expletive deleted] Myotismon (like, we were already tired of Myotismon at the end of his run in 01, we didn't need to find out he was the man behind the man behind the man lady Digimon behind the man, okay? ...the story surrounding the sole remaining villain of Xros Wars [who it is technically is a notable spoiler, though I probably would have guessed who it was if I'd been watching the show without spoiling myself] that comes from before the format change is actually something I really like, even if I don't know that I think it's handled well-though I've not yet seen all of the DigiQuartz plot for myself).

Charms included the Digimon Emperor/Ken, Arukenimon/Arachnemon, frickin' BlackWarGreymon, and the late Bob Papenbrook's performance as Daemon (if TVTropes is to believed, Daemon was generic and boring in the original Japanese version, but Papenbrook did such a good job hamming things up that the character still sticks out in my mind as a high point, despite him only showing up for, like, maybe three episodes at most, and only really fighting and being a character in one of those).

-Signing off.

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