Monday, July 13, 2015

That's Dangerous

If you randomly find the guy with square glasses familiar, that's because he's well-known for asking "is this a pigeon?" (As explained in the link, people mistakenly believe it's a case of bad subtitles, but rest assured-he in fact doesn't know a butterfly from a pigeon*, and there's a sensical reason for that**.)

Anyway, having finished the Brave Robots series Might Gaine, I've been poking around, and found a bit of an older Brave series, Fighbird. And the main thing that stands out to me about this one is the amount of fish-out-of-water/big-fish-in-little-pond (to mix some metaphors) humor.

Case in point (since the subtitles are a bit small, I'll provide a transcription/descriptive bit):

(Greaser punk: Now that you've heard our plans, join us.)
(Greaser punk: Or else... [produces knife])
(Glasses guy wears a surprised expression as the knife is waved at him.)
(Glasses guy grabs greaser punk's knife hand...)
(...and uses one finger to bend the knife's blade.)
(Greaser punk's shades fall down in shock.)
(Glasses guy: It's dangerous to point sharp objects at people.)

What I love about this exchange is that he's actually genuinely just being informative-he may actually be concerned that these guys don't know that sharp objects can hurt people, but it also sounds like a threat after what he just did.

*As I know just enough Japanese to be dangerous (to myself), I happened to recognize the spoken word for "pigeon," hatto.

**That reason being that he's an energy being from space possessing an android. Don't ask me why his android brain doesn't have a useful pre-programmed database...

***Relevant link.

-Signing off.

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